About me.

Laura Kukuk is an automotive engineer who started her career in the automotive industry at a very young age. Throughout her passion for the car world, she started using photography and writing as the foundation to share her experiences amongst other enthusiasts.



I am a 24 years old, automotive engineering, student who is highly interested in cars – specifically classic cars and super sport cars. Since my childhood cars have always played a big role in my life and somehow have defined my life as it is today.

My Name is Laura Kukuk and I am from Germany, currently based in Cologne, Germany.

Creativity was embraced in my early childhood, whether that was through  sketching, drawing or designing. I used to mainly focused in product design and later used my creativity to develop new automotive designs and understand the old, existing ones – especially the revolutionary automotive designs. Some of my earliest memories are helping my father fix and restore our classic cars.

Today, I am still embracing this creative sense in my daily life, at least I try to do so as often as possible and try to discover new things. Whether it is a quick sketch about an idea or scenery, a photography, coming up with designs or creative ideas as a problem approach.

You want to know more about me and my car madness? Have a look below, where I describe that passion a little further!

 CARS? Tell us more!

For those who are a little more interested in my “career”…

Having worked for companies like Porsche Kremer Racing, DP Motorsport, Ford, EDAG, , Samuel Laurence, Thiesen, Movendi, Dipl. Ing. Klaus Kukuk (classic car specialist), HK Engineering, B&F-Touring Garage (Peter Bazille, Lancia specialist) and McLaren Automotive (as development and body engineer) as well as studying automotive engineering in Munich and Cologne (Germany) has given me a good overview of the automotive industry. Especially drive events, concours, motorshows, rallies, races and other automotive events are a big role in my life and I try to be part of everything of interest.

For a few years I had been given the opportunity to develop some race experiences in smaller races across Germany and Europe. After having worked for several race teams, I have had the opportunity to join a new team in order to become one of their drivers, after I managed to get my racing license. This was an incredible, breathtaking journey which I will never forget. Sitting behind a steering wheel of a high powered racing car and beating it to its limits is an experience I find hard to describe- BREATHTAKING!

Currently I am restoring a MG TD from 1952 at my garage/work space. Not only is it great to have the opportunity of taking a car completely apart and reassembling it, but also adding the practical part to my theoretical studies is a satisfying feeling. I have the pleasure to overhaul my engine and gearbox at B&F Touring Garage with Peter Bazille, one of the greatest garages and machineries around.

Additionally I am in possession of an Elise S1, which gives me a lot of hard times due to the necessity of fixing things on a frequent basis, but at the same time some of the greatest daily driving experiences I could wish for!

Well, do you have any further questions or would like to get in touch with me? Please do so and drop me an e-mail kukuklaura@gmail.com. I will try to get back to you as quickly as possible.

I hope you will enjoy this blog! :)


Laura Kukuk


For any ideas, suggestions or cooperations , please contact me: kukuklaura@gmail.com


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